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Sep 2019


Congrapps is a marketplace platofm founded by Aimilios Koumantos and Hristian Markov for providing successfull applications for the biggest Law Firms in London.

Project Overview

Congrapps is the first ever platform that provides successful applications for the best and most popular Law Firms in London in order to help candidates land a job.

About the Project

The platform tries to solve a big issue that exists in landing a job for a successful Law Firm in London which is creating a spectacular application that stands out from the competition.

This is how the platform was born to become the first marketplace that democratises access to vital information access to vital information by enabling users of Congrapps to view the Successful Applications of the people who made it to the most competitive workplaces.

What the clients wanted us to deliver was an easy to use website marketplace where the users can create an account and access applications or upload their own with rewards in exchange.

Challenging Parts

Accessibility & Credit System

Undoubtedly the hardest part of this project was the architecture and implementation of how the users would access the content of the website. Since the applications are for a limited and with a combination of increasing sales on the platform we created a credit system.

The credits are divided in two categories, the application and the law firms credits, the first ones are used to access a single application where the second ones are used to access all the applications of a law firm.

So the payment process concludes into purchasing credits of any kind that can be used any time for the accessibility.

Our Approach


In order to achieve a faster development and also provide and administrative interface for the clients where they could be easily manage applications, law firms information and purchases we implemented a custom WordPress theme and a Plugin for the website that has everything the platform needs in terms of functionality.

User Interface and Experience

The design approach of the platform was initially based on some mockups Aimilios had provided. We extended them to keep the the minimalistic design they wanted to achieve and made the necessary changes to have a clear easy to use interface and make it easy for the users to get what they want whether it was about purchasing and accessing applications of read about law firms information or other resources.

Result and Impact

The platform was successfully launched in September of 2019 concluding in 100% Return of Investment after the first 2 months and more than 1000 users having created an account on the platform.

Congrapps has started building a solid and strong name in the law industry in Universities where their main target group exists.

More features have been planned to be implemented in the following months that will increase sales and user engagement.

Client Testimonial


I have been working with Apto for almost 6 months developing and running an online marketplace. We started this project from scratch, and I am impressed with their ability to contribute in every aspect of the development process – from web design and UI/UX to front and back end coding and overall business strategy. I am also impressed by the team’s responsiveness, professionalism and commercial awareness as well as by their ability to creatively add on our suggestions and proactively improve our ideas. An excellent team of highly professional people and a joy to work with.

Aimilios Koumantos
Co Founder of Congrapps


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  • Web Development
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  • Information Architecture
  • UI

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