Apto means to adjust, to adapt, to fit. So does our company, by adjusting to the needs of our clients we create the future web.

But show, don’t tell, they say. Have a look at some of our latest projects.

Dec 2019

PointLocals website similar to Google Maps/My Business

A website and application for Point Locals, a platform similar to Google Maps and Google My Business that operates and lists locations from India.

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Dec 2019

Homi MVP Website

Homi is a startup platform that aims to disrupt the real estate sector in Greece by providing a modernized process for property sale, purchase and valuation with a very different and competitive pricing scheme.

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Nov 2019

GX Blocks Landing Page

A landing page for the pre launch of their GXB Dashboard. The client wanted asap a website prior to the full one that is scheduled for online visibility.

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Sep 2019

Congrapps Website Development

Congrapps is the first ever platform that provides successful applications for the best and most popular Law Firms in London in order to help candidates land a job.

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Jul 2019 Redesign

The project was about redesigning the new website for Travelstaytion collborating with Eight and implementing some of their designs and various features regarding the front end.

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May 2019

Jobs Boost Website Development & Design

A platform where blue collar workers could easily create their resumes online and have them listed on the site so that employees can find them for their next work.

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Apr 2019

I-bio Saas Application Platform Development

A platform named Instabio which lets users take control of their free Instagram bio link to utilize all the traffic they get from it in various ways. The platform allows the users to customize their link page with an interactive interface.

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I-bio website

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