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GX Blocks Energy

Project Delivery Date:

Nov 2019


GX Blocks Energy is a greek startup that provides Clean Tech Cloud Mining Services, Digital Currency-Mining-Infrastructure - Decentralized placement directly at any clean energy source.

Project Overview

A landing page for the pre launch of their GXB Dashboard. The client wanted asap a website prior to the full one that is scheduled for online visibility.

About the Project

Having cooperated before on another project with GX Blocks we were completely aware of their services and what they wanted to achieve. We were already on the verge of start working on their complete official website but it was postponed for a couple of months until they start having some pre sales.

Their objective was to have a one page website to serve as a landing page and therefore have an online visibility and enhance their selling funnel.

Challenging Parts

Information Architecture & Visual Hierarchy

The real challenge on that project was the information and visual hierarchy which was already defined and finalized after the meetings and discussions about the complete website, so we had to find a way to combine then most important information to present it on the landing page while having some illustrations and designs made for the complete website.

That was difficult because GX Blocks are having a very complicated project and service and even people and users who are familiar with cryptocurrencies and cloud mining might find it difficult to understand. So information from 5 and 6 pages had to be presented in one.

Modern Design

Such an innovative project as the one that GX Blocks energy has should and must have a website that utilizes all the design trends, being modern and having interaction so that the users understand from the first glance that this company has something new to offer in the market of cloud mining.

Our Approach

User Interface and Illustrations

As initial step that had already started for the full complete website was to design some illustrations that not only describe visually the core services and infrastructure in order to cut off some words. Illustrations were also a very big trend at 2019 and it’s a trend that will continue on 2020 and perhaps the following years.

Code and Development

We used the Avada theme which already had implemented the one page functionality in order to save development time and therefore the overall cost. In addition to it a custom WordPress Plugin was developed to inject any design and functionality features in order to not modify the core code of the theme and also not make the code depended to updates.

Result and Impact


Potential Buyers are already started engaging the company on the new website and pre launch campaign has started tremendously good.

Target Group Analysis

Now GX Blocks have more thorough info about the target users and the potential buyers which will help a lot only for their marketing strategy and will also identify if the information architecture and design works for their company.


Client Testimonial

GX Blocks Energy

Great communication and code quality. Professional approach to the needs of the projects and always delivering on time. Adjustable to our coding structure and a great people to work with.

Theodoros Koukoutsas
Co Founder, CEO


  • WordPress
  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • UI

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