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Travelstaytion.com Redesign


Travelstaytion & Eight

Project Delivery Date:

Jul 2019


TravelStaytion is an online holiday rental marketplace based in England and Eight is an IT Company from Patra, Greece which collaborates with Travelstaytion.

Project Overview

The project was about redesigning the new website for Travelstaytion collborating with Eight and implementing some of their designs and various features regarding the front end.

About the Project

Previous Collaborations

We have been working with Eight and Travelstaytion for the past year implementing and integrating many APIs integrations from rental and B2B websites to automate listings imports and updates so we were completely aware of the technical, information structure of the platform and what they wanted to achieve with their redesign.

Redesign and Our Role

Eight.gr was completely responsible for all the designs, mockups and guidelines in regards to the visual transformation of the website and we collaborated with them to implement some of the them either as complete pages or small modifications to any already implemented design. Our original contribution was to minor parts of the platform to slightly increase any user experience or the interface.

Challenging Parts

Landing Page

The most difficult part of the project was the implementation of the home page which has some static sections that change on scroll with various animations, adaptive color changes and background videos displaying. Optimization and performance where a strong aspect of the page to conclude into a smooth futuristic and minimal result.

Design Guidelines

The overall design changes and implementations where very strict provided by Eight along with continuous confirmation for every step by Travelstaytion. Minimalism was the king of the redesign so that it presents all the information in the best possible way.

Our Approach

Travelstaytion is a huge project running for many years with a lot of code. It is based on Symfony framework and we had to work and collaborate with many developers from Eight to achieve the result. Version controls and git were a must for this project in order to assure that any change will not affect any work done by other developers.

Staging domains were implemented by Eight so that everyone could check any necessary changes that would need to be made before going live with the website’s redesign.

Result and Impact

The impact of the changes were huge. Travelstaytion is already a company that has been growing a lot every year since it started back in 2012 so after the redesign users had already started responding positively with the new redesign changes and sales are keep increasing.

New features and functionalities have been implemented by Eight providing a different way of renting a hotel/room/apartment and a lot of work has been done to highlight the hosting features for both hosts and potential buyers.



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  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • Information Architecture
  • UI

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